Photo above- Great Egret- Danny Fog

 ‘We had good species diversity in most sections, but the overall total of 29 was 3 less than in February. On this occasion we were missing some iconic birds such as the Baillon’s Crake and Nankeen Night Heron.’

To join a monthly bird survey, please contact Bob Tammick: The surveys are led by BirdLife Bayside president Tania Ireton. Start times are between 7.15 and 8.00 am, depending on sunrise. Seven sections (including Elster Canal) are surveyed in two groups, for 20 minutes each; both groups complete Area A together around the main pond. The process generally takes one hour and thirty minutes per group. 

To view the survey records for all seven sites, go to Birdata website, select the Shared Sites tab and type Elsternwick Park in the filter: 

Thank you to all our volunteers who manage the Bird Surveys

Report: Sue Forster and Tania Ireton 

Photos: Susan Carden, Danny Fog and Sue Forster 


Magpie Larks- Sue Forster

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