The Yalukit Willam Nature Association is excited to announce the launch of our new digital home!

We’ve created an easy to use website with all the information you need about our volunteer activities within the Elsternwick Nature Reserve and how you can be involved in this exciting project.

Everything from upcoming events, to data collected in the reserve, to updates on the construction itself, stories, ideas and incredible photography from our keen-eyed supporters from the Reserve will be available for you to browse.

We hope the website will make it easier for the community to engage with the project and stay up to date.

Yalukit Willam Nature Association is an organisation representing the views and supporting contributions of the community to the Elsternwick Park Nature Reserve. Historically, it helped lead the campaign to transform the golf course into a wetland oasis, bringing together diverse community groups and individuals who shared the same goal.

We are keen to keep involving the community as a whole with this exciting project, to learn more about how to participate in transforming the former golf course as the Masterplan comes to life. We plan to continue our role to speak up for the ecological integrity of the unique natural world that is being created and the key principles of the masterplan itself.

What does the new website mean for members?

The new website has an updated membership portal which will make it easier to manage your membership with the epa.

If you haven’t paid your membership yet this year, please head to the “Membership” tab at the top right of the website to renew.

If you have paid your membership this year, reply to this email letting us know, and we’ll send you details on how to create a member profile on the new website, and how to renew your membership in the future.

Membership operates on a yearly direct debit basis, which is easy to cancel at any time.

As a member of the association, you’ll have opportunities for input into discussions, be active on the ground and hear first-hand about the masterplan stages, volunteering and exchange ideas for the nature reserve.

Members benefit from:

• Email newsletters – updates on the stages of progress of the Nature Reserve

• Volunteer opportunities- join groups to clean up, planting, flora and fauna surveys in the park

• Invite to the AGM & vote to elect Yalukit Willam Nature Association committee members

• Nature walk activities & social events to be held in the Reserve for all ages

· Share knowledge & learn about the local habitat, wetlands, cultural history, plantings and contribute your skills to create a unique community place

What does the new website mean for volunteers?

Along with the new website, we have linked to a brand new volunteer portal called Volaby.

Here volunteers can see what activities are coming up, sign up to teams and contribute to epa data.

If you are one of our amazing volunteers, or would like to become one please click this link and sign up to the New Volunteer program. We will be in touch, and you should see activities appearing over the next couple of weeks.

The Yalukit Willam Nature Association have five key priorities for the Nature Reserve:

Environment – we are keen to see the reserve become a thriving habitat for wildlife, including threatened and endangered species.

Aesthetics and Public Amenity – a beautiful nature reserve will be a treasure for residents and visitors alike. We want to see the reserve designed and maintained so that people are able to appreciate, interact with, nurture and enjoy the reserve.

Flood Mitigation – many of our members are prone to flooding from Elster Creek, We are working to maximise opportunities for flood mitigation both in the reserve and more generally, in Elsternwick Park and from a whole of catchment perspective.

Water Quality – a well-designed active, water management and wetland system will be able to improve water quality, not only onsite but as it enters the bay.

Community Involvement – we are keen to involve and engage the community in valuing and interacting with the reserve. This includes volunteering, advocacy, education and research.

With this last point in mind, we have set up a gofundme page to request donations. Your donation to the epa will go towards much needed equipment and tools to support our volunteers and the epa’s ever increasing range of activities on site. Any donations large or small are very much appreciated.

We look forward to supporting a flourishing community of volunteers and members.

You can contribute at:

Thank you for all your support. And a huge thank you to epa member Andrew Julian for all his work to help make our new website!!


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