The Boonwurrung name for the First Nation Peoples of this area is the Yaluk-ut Weelam  – which can be translated as People of the River or waterways. Waterways defined the boundaries of most of Melbourne’s clans. Boonwurrung lands were mainly those with streams that flowed to the sea. 

The Yalukit Willam Nature Reserve is a much-needed restoration project for a small but significant part of the Elster Creek catchment. The work that YWNA, Bayside Council and other stakeholders are putting into restoring the health of waterways and wetland habitat will give much needed restorative care to a now very compromised urban creek and wetland area. It is a terrific privilege for for this community association to be ongoingly integral in connecting the broader community to this important project and active in supporting the realisation of the Masterplan.


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