Yalukit Willam Nature Reserve bird survey 

11 November 2023 

Fifteen observers met near the St Kilda Street bridge at 7.15 am. After a fine, warm night, the early morning temperature was remarkably high—24° C. Thin, high cloud and a light breeze heralded a drop in temperature to 20° C by 9 am. 

Our 20-minute observations in 7 areas revealed 28 bird species, consisting of 13 wetland, 12 ‘terrestrial’ and 3 pest species. Although 28 has been our average species count throughout 2023, November bird abundance was low (total count of 369), and the terrestrial bird count was particularly low (117). 

November 2023 YWNR bird survey-1

Photo: Immature Hoary-headed Grebes – Danny Fog

Baillon’s Crake, evening of 11 November. Post survey photo: Tania Splawa-Neyman. 

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